Personalised Zippy Pencil Case

SKU: Zippy Pencil Case (Green / Dark Brown)

One of the most popular gift idea in store, the Zippy pencil case is the great all rounder gift. Items such as keys, phone, coins, glasses, cosmetic can fit in easily. Many use it as a pencil case and all the small things you aren't really sure what to do with, this bag offers the solution. The versatility of the Zippy Pencil case makes it an excellent complement to our other bags, as well as a stand-alone item, when you don't want to be burdened with extra weight.

Its made of one single zip, and you can personalized it with name embroidery on it. It will be a unique gift for your loved ones. Comes in many colors for you to choose from.

Take a look at our photo gallery for some ideas. These are what some of our customers have done before :

Personalised Zippy Pouch Photo Gallery

  • Pouch Size : 20cm width x 12cm height 
  • Name Embroidery Limit : Max 13 Letters  (including space) due to width of Zipper Pencil Case 
  • Note : Leave the text box empty if you do not required name engraving 
  • Note : All Names will be done in Full Capital Letter, we are unable to do numbers and sign such as !@#$%^:) etc
  • Embroidery Time: 1 working day