Our Story

Welcome to That Corner Shop : A Singapore based Gift Shop.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Jonathan, one of the embroidery artisan here, and I also write for our blog. You can call me Jon too. In fact, if you know me personally, I have different nicknames that I goes by. And I like most of them because its unique to me, and each brings up a special memory in my life.

Names or the nicks that we go by, are the single one most important element of our life that brings identity. Names are so precious to our being.

As a gift store, we understand that perhaps when you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, what you are really searching for - is to give something valuable to them.

So more than a piece of item, we believe that adding name personalisation to it would naturally bring out that value.

For more than 10 years, we did exactly that.

Personalised Gift - ThatCornerShop

We source for good quality gift items that are either practical everyday items, or great for keepsakes from all over the world. There is no minimums, you can just get 1 piece. We welcome corporate gifts enquiries too, we have done many orders for companies around Singapore.

And if we can't find it, we make it in-house locally, in Singapore. 

Express Customization service

Next, we brought in our specialty express customization services - embroidery, heat transfers and laser-engraving.

On a consistent basis, for customers who purchase single to several items at our shop, we are able to finish the personalization within a day of their order.

This is in comparison to the general 1 week wait for similar services in Singapore.

We understand that sometimes you may need the gifts urgently. This is the mission that we work towards everyday:

Personalized Gifts. Affordable. Short waiting time. 

Your story is our story. We love making the gifts special for you.

A bit of History:

From the start, we focus on bringing unique retail gift products such as Zip It bags, Stick On Sandals through our earlier retail kiosks/push-carts.

One of the pushcart locations was at Suntec City where we stayed for more than 8 years. Some of you may have known us from there.

We have a retail shop at International Plaza from 2015 to 2021. However from 1 July 2021, we have closed the shop and we are now only operating fully online.  


We hope you like the gifts and services that we provide, please feel free to let us know your feedback to help us better serve you by emailing us at jonathan@thatcornershop.com.

If you are on social media, do tag our gifts with #thatcornershop. We will be happy to share with your joys.

That Corner Shop is a Gift Shop in Singapore that specialized in personalized gifts for more than 10 years. Our gifts are great for special occasions such as baby showers, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Teachers' Day and Children's Day, Christmas, etc.