Personalised Luggage Strap

SKU: Luggage Strap (Rainbow)

This personalised Luggage Strap is perfect for travel use. The name is sewn onto the rainbow-colored Luggage Belt by embroidery.

You can strap it around your luggage, and easily identify your luggage when it comes out from the airport luggage conveyor belt.

The luggage strap also comes with a 3 digit numeric lock, which you can set to lock and unlock the strap.

Great gift idea for your travel buddies before your next vacation together.

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Belt Length for Rainbow and Red color luggage strap : Max 2m length (Adjustable)
  • Belt Length for Black, Blue and Pink color luggage strap : Max 1.8m length (Adjustable)
  • Note the initial default lock combination number is 000