Personalised Flip Photo

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Amazing photo gift idea that anyone will love!

As you look at the picture, walk left or right and you will see the picture change into another picture. Most people like to do couple photo combination.

The first is the male photo and the next is the female photo. So as you walk from left to right, you will see the male photo change to a female photo.

You can also do baby photo, for example newborn photo and the next change to a photo when the baby is 3 years old.

Or do some nostalgic photo, such as just married and the next celebrating the 30th married anniversary... This flip photo will amaze anyone who sees it..

  • Photo Frame Size : 18cm width x 23cm height 
  • Include wooden photo frame (Black Color)

Orientation of photo

  • Portrait style (Vertical) Photo size will be 17cm width and 22cm height. 
  • Landscape style (Horizontal) Photo size will be 17cm width and 12.5cm height.

General Information about Flip Photo.

1) Since the lenticular lens only shows your eyes a small portion of the underlying print at any one time, very small elements such as thin lines, small text, and some portions of smaller text may actually disappear from the visible image as the finished print is moved.

2) Avoid solid color, black, and white backgrounds, photographs of busy, noisy images work best. Unlike turning a page to reveal a second image, flip images become visible when the image under the lens comes into view as you tilt the print up & down.

Since both images are present under the lens, some bleed through or "ghosting" of one image into the other is usually present. The effect of this ghosting is minimized when busier images and backgrounds are used which mask or hide the ghosting.

3) Avoid flipping from one high contrast element to another. Flipping from a red ball to a white square, for example, would not work well as the red ball will surely ghost into the white square.

Flips work best when the general color, shape of elements, and contrast of the from and to pictures are similar.

4) If above seems too technical, just remember this Bottom line.

Some ghosting of image will always appear when flipping from one image to another, as there will always be area where there are sharp contrast between the 2 flipping images.