Zippy Carry Bag (Black)

SKU: Zippy Carry Bag (Black)

Elegant, stylish, just right; the Zippy Carry Bag is just right for those evenings out when you might need a bit more then your pockets can muster. A light shirt or perhaps some local souvenirs, this bag holds what you need.

  • Bag Size : 28cm width x 23.5cm height x 69cm strap length
  • (Bag opening : Button) 
  • Name Engraving Limit : Max 13 Letters  (including space) due to width of Zippy Carry Bag 
  • Note : Leave the text box empty if you do not required name engraving 
  • Note : All Names will be done in Full Capital Letter, we are unable to do numbers and sign such as !@#$%^:) etc
  • Embroidery Time: 1 working day