Personalised Zippy Small Sling Bag (Black)

SKU: Zippy Small Sling Bag (Black)

For people on the go, this practical Zippy bag is designed with comfort in mind.

Featuring a shoulder friendly wide strap and easy accessibility, this is a great every day bag that can go anywhere with you.

Make of one single long zip, it can be unzipped, rolled up and kept away in a small space.

A most innovative design complement by the customised name embroidery. 

  • Bag Size : 30.5cm width x 22cm height x (with adjustable strap : 70cm min to 140cm max)(Bag Opening : Zipper) 
  • Name Engraving Limit : Max 13 Letters  (including space) due to width of Zippy bag 
  • Note : Leave the text box empty if you do not required name engraving 
  • Note : All Names will be done in Full Capital Letter, we are unable to do numbers and sign such as !@#$%^:) etc