Personalised Wooden Fridge Magnet

SKU: Wooden Fridge Magnet

- Chinese characters: 80 characters maximum

Looking for a home decor gift to bring for housewarming? Check out this wooden fridge magnet with personalised name and message print on it. 

Most home will have fridge magnets of all sorts to hold their timetables or written messages on the fridge. 

Some ideas of messages for you to personalised along with the name :

1) To do list 

2) Children's Time table.

3) Inspiring quotes

4) Scripture verses

This is certainly a gift that will add inspiration and a personal touch to the recipients. It can be a thanksgiving or appreciation gift too.

For example, you can make a thank you gifts for friends who come for your new born baby shower or children's birthday party.

For couples or wedding occasions, you can print a love message or quote on the fridge magnet.

For Christian recipients, you can even print a scripture verse on it.

They will be holding their keys with this daily and be inspired the message on it.


  • Made of Jelutong wood.  (Size: 12cm x 4cm)
  • The name and message is printed on to the wood
  • Print in black only
  • Message or Quote will be above the name as seen in sample
  • Message or Quote if in English alphabets: strictly maximum 200 characters (include spacing)
  • Message or Quote if in Chinese character: strictly maximum 80 characters (include spacing)

 Font Type:

1) You can choose the font type for the personalised name.   (*Click to see Font Type Choice)

2) For English alphabet quote or message (above name) :  Limited to 2 font type:

a) If wording is <70 characters (include spacing), the font type will be as shown below:  (Script font type)

 Personalised wooden fridge magnet

b) If wording is > 70 characters (include spacing), the font type will be as shown below:  (Arial-round font type)


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