Personalised Iron-On Name Tag Label (3pcs set)

SKU: Iron-On Name Badge (White Background)

This customized embroidery Iron-On Name tag clothing label can be iron-on or sewn on to any fabric items such as shirts, bags, uniforms etc.

Its a sure great way to identify your items.

Note : Price $12.90

Each order consists of 1 set of 3 pcs of name badge (have to be same name).

  • Can be in all English or all Chinese letters.
  • English Name badge Size : est. 6.8cm width x 1.8cm height
  • Chinese Name badge Size :est. 7.2cm width x 2.5cm height 
  • Choose from black or white fabric
  • Name done by embroidery
  • These iron-on badges come with glue backing that can ONLY iron onto COTTON fabric.
  • If you intend to sew the name badge onto your item and do not required the iron-on backing, please whatsapp/sms us 92715622 and inform us after your purchase. 
Iron-on Instruction
  1. Set iron to "Cotton"
  2. Iron over name badge with baking paper provided (to protect iron)
  3. Iron FIRMLY for 10-20 sec (but move iron around to prevent burn on garment)
  4. Turn garment inside out and iron from the back
  5. DO NOT wear/wash for 24 hours
  6. Do not bleach wash
  7. Sewing around name badge is recommended



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