Celebrating 10 years of embroidery work

Celebrating 10 years of embroidery work

Hi there,

Welcome to That Corner Shop, a personalized gift shop in Singapore. I am Jonathan, resident blogger and embroidery artisan here.

So how do you like the New Look of our online shop? So it has been more than 10 years since we start customizing items with embroidery. And its nice to have a new look here as we celebrate 10 years of embroidery work.

We are still in the midst of fine-tuning our new website, there's still much improvement to be made to better your shopping experience with us. And yay, you stumble on the first post here on this new look blog. Actually, we have been writing at www.thatcornershop.blogspot.com for 10 years now. So this new website platform allows me to write onsite. So here I shall write :p

If you are new to us, then let me have the indulgence of sharing a bit of our story. So we really first started in retail pushcarts around Singapore. Tampines mall was our first location before we moved on to others places. Our first product was the Zip It pencil cases and bags. That one zip that becomes a pouch or bag? Remember? :)

Anyway, after much movement, we finally settled in Suntec City and stayed there for 8 years. You seen this pushcart here below before? It was at level 2 before the major revamp of Suntec City mall.

Former pushcart location of That Corner Shop at Suntec city

It was fun times, and we really enjoyed operating there and make a lot of friends along the way. Alas, we decided that we want to have a more permanent shop location that is in central Singapore. So after much hunting, we came to settle down in International Plaza. It ain't so much a shopping center, more like a service center for the working folks in the Shenton Way area. But it wasn't easy to find a shop with a location that's next to a MRT station downtown. And this is what we got, one that's next to Tanjong Pagar MRT. We have been here since 2015:

Shop Front of That Corner Shop

Well, the world has changed much since we first started into this business, especially in the area of how retail business is moving towards. Right now, social media and online shopping is growing to become the norm of how people interact with businesses. And so we have to be sure that more than a physical real estate, we have our voices on the social platforms too. So if you haven't follow us, please do us a favour:

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Well thank you very much. :)

Why Embroidery?

So why embroidery? Well, we realize that in one of our most popular gift idea - the Zippy Pencil Case, it might be value adding if we can print the name of the recipient. So we went to buy a machine in and voila, Name Embroidery became a mainstay of what we do and offer to the community.

 Personalized Zippy pouch with name embroidery 

Tell me, don't you like it if someone buy a gift for you with your name, nick or initials on it? So we really love personalized each gift with our hands and hearts. Simply because we love receiving such gifts too. :)

Made with Love

Here, we really enjoy each time when our customers walk away with their orders as we know that their loved ones will be delighted with these little big gifts. Its big because its made with love and thoughtfulness.

We do it fast

Because we do this in-house, we can do it very fast for you. Like for embroidery and printing work, we can finish it within a day. Some as fast as 1 hour. But for laser engraving work, its more time-consuming to get it right, so it can take up to 2-3 days. And you can sure trust that we make sure our workmanship quality are top-notched.

So yes, once again thank you for dropping by our blog and hope you have a fun time shopping around. If you have ever got gifts from us, do give us a review on our Facebook page. It will really help us.

Do let us know what you think of our new look website at the comment box below :)

Till next time  :)


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