Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her in Singapore

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her in Singapore

Look, we know that you must be hunting high and low for a Valentine's day gift idea to complement your romantic date out with the love of your life.

And you want your special someone to be receiving a thoughtful expression of your love, isn't it? 

At our gift shop, we have seen a lot of interesting presents that were made over the last 10 plus years.

Here in this post, we want to give you some of the most unique ones to spark off your creative process to impress your love.

Each gift is specially customized with name and special message from you.

So let's take a look, shall we?

1. Sofa Cushion - $32.90 per piece

Get a comfy cushy that he or she can hug daily while resting at the sofa. They will remember your love for them each time with this customized cushion.

 LOVE design on black cushion

These sofa cushions are personalized via embroidery.

As you can see, you can choose to put the name and choose from the couple/lover catalog designs that we have in-house.

You will see access to these catalog designs on the individual product page.

This embroidery work is usually done within 1-2 days of your order. For more info on this : Cushion with name embroidery.

Blue cushion with LOVE design 

Beige cushion with Valentine's day design

Many hearts embroidery on cushion

The couple cushion below here is done via printing, a special design for this occasion.

When ordering, please indicate LOVE V-Day Print under design code field of the cushion product page:

2 Love cushion

We also can print the photos on the cushion as well. So look through your photo album and see if there is a nice, memorable picture to print on.

 2. Aprons - $38.90 per piece

Its likely that as a couple, you will want to try out cooking or baking.

Yes, its actually a soul-nourishing to actually have a saturday afternoon together making doughs and baking cookies. (try it together, its fun!)

It will be a practical gift set for the both of you to use in the kitchen. Can you imagine posting selfies of yourselves on instagram with this aprons on? Sure you do :)

For an idea, the following embroidery design code is E178-E179 . You can choose from many of our in-house designs at our apron page.

Male and female head figure on apron

Mr and Mrs Always right design

Cute rabbit hat type design

Couple Apron

3. Bath Towels - $32.90 per piece

These towels looks great as a set isn't it? Towels are really practical everyday gifts that will be make to good use. 

He or she would certainly be wowed by your effort to customize something like this. You certainly show how much you treasure this special relationship.

Whether you are long married or a young couple starting out, this will certainly be a wonderful and practical gift to receive!

These are some popular designs and there are more here: bath towel page.

Valentine's day design on blue towel

Teddy bear with flower design on Green bath towel

Cute love bear

personalised embroidery couple towel

Lover style

Our towels are made of 100% cotton and absorbs water very well. 

4. Pillow Cases - $34.90 per piece

Surprise your spouse with this, quite sure you all will have sweet dreams with this on your pillows!

Our pillow cases are silky smooth and soft to touch. They definitely make a great gift for the married couple.

We have many couple designs for you to choose from.

Couple embroidery design

Prince & Princess on pillow case

Mr and Mrs design

5. Teddy Bear - $32.90 per piece

They say you won't go wrong with a soft toy, especially a teddy bear.

With this customized prints on the teddy bear shirt, we are quite sure its a safe bet that your date will absolutely adore it.

This stands at 38cm tall:

Valentine's day bear

I love you with hearts design on teddy bear

There are quite a number of design print ideas for you to choose from. See more designs at our teddy bear page.



 6. Flip Photo - $49.90 per piece

Need something that will frame your memorable moments together on display?

We really can't miss recommending this flip photo gift idea to you. Quite sure you don't find this off the shelves easily anywhere even in Singapore.

It flips into another image as you move from side to side looking at it. So as you walk pass it you will see the image change from one to another. Amazing!

Find 2 of your best looking photos as a couple, and we will do the rest. Usually, this will be done in 3 working days, but don't leave it too close to the actual date.

Personalised Flip Photo

7) Ceramic Mug ($14.90), Thermos Mug ($24.90) & Water Bottle ($17.90)

How about getting a pair of drink ware? Its something that one could use daily and be reminded of you each time they take a drink.

We carry this white ceramic mug that can be printed with different designs. Take a look here .

Mugs for couples

This stainless steel thermos mug will keep the drink hot for a good period.

Thermos Mug for couple


Each of these gift idea is unique and customized with love for your special one. We believe that he or she will appreciate your thoughts and love for them.

If you have never ever gotten anything personalised for your love, you really should try it.

Please take a look at the individual product page at our online shop collection here: Gifts for Him or for Her. (Click on the link)

Our retail store, That Corner Shop, is at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road, Singapore. Do feel free to drop by our store if you need to see the physical customized products. 

We process pretty fast, most embroidery and printing work can be done within 1-2 days. 

We are here to help, please contact us if you have any questions or chat with us.

We are usually really responsive even after your purchase. We will contact you and if you have further questions, we do our best to meet your requirements.

Thank you for taking time to read post, and we hope you like our recommendation for customized Valentine's day gift ideas. 


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