Top 10 Customized Birthday Gifts that will make your loved ones delighted

Top 10 Customized Birthday Gifts that will make your loved ones delighted

Looking for a unique birthday gift for your loved ones?

We understand that as the giver, you want to get something that your family members, friends, colleagues will appreciate greatly. While there are a variety of choices, our experience tell us that most people would be delighted to receive a gift that is uniquely customized for them.

Take an everyday item like the bath towel for example. When we add personalised name embroidery to it, we believe that your loved ones will appreciate it a lot as a thoughtful gift from you. Its a gift that suddenly comes alive because one's name holds so much personal meaning to them.

In this post, we would like to recommend 10 personalised gift ideas that will make your loved ones delighted to receive it from you.

1) Personalised Towels

As mentioned, towels are something that is practical and useful for the recipient. A gift that is classic and pragmatic, but elegantly beautiful that delights when its comes with professional custom embroidery done on it.  There are 200+ embroidery design to choose from our catalog. 

Start customizing a towel like the ones below:

>>Sports/bath towel : 50cm x100cm

>>Large bath Towel : 70cm x 140cm

Personalised towel embroidery - Birthday Gifts

Personalised beige hand towel


Personalised towel embroidery - Birthday Gifts

personalised bath towel with embroidery

Customer Review:

We have a range of collections of towels that are made of 100% cotton and absorbs water very well. There are different colors and you can embroidered any name and text to go along with the 200-over available pictorial designs that we have.

personalised begie bath towel with embroidery

Personalised towel embroidery - Birthday Gifts

Personalised towel embroidery - Birthday Gifts

2) Sofa Embroidery Cushion ($32.90) / Photo Cushion ($34.90)

This huggable sofa cushion comes embroidered with the personalised name of your loved ones. It's a beautiful addition to the home's living room.  Handmade and designed by us, there are a total of 5 solid colors and 100 over embroidery designs for you to choose from. Go to our product page under home and decor collection to check it out or click here >>Customized Cushion

Cushion with Horoscope design

Personalised cushion with embroidery - Birthday Gifts

Personalised cushion with embroidery - Birthday Gifts

Personalised cushion with embroidery - Birthday Gifts

Another in-house designed item, below is a faux fur cushion with 5 skin designs available for selection. It will certainly add a exotic feel to the home and decor. We have to say this is a really unique item that is hard to find elsewhere.

Personalised faux fur  cushion with embroidery - Birthday Gifts

3) Zippy Purse - $8.90 / Zippy Pencil Case- $12.90

This Zippy Purse is a really unique and colorful item that many young children or even adults will like. Embroidered with their names and made of one single zip, its a gift designed to amaze by our in-house crafters. Its can hold coins, cards and keys. At $8.90 each, its a really value-for-money gift that delights many.

personalised zippy purse

personalised zippy coin purse

This is a bigger version of a single zip to become a Zippy Pencil Case that can be used as a stationary case or cosmetic pouch. Comes in many great color choices too. You can customised name up to 15 characters for this. Durable and washable, it can last for a good many years of use.

personalised zippy pencil case pouch for birthday gifts

4) Executive Pen -  $36.90

This laser engraved wooden pen will make your colleagues, parents love it with their name on it. This is useful and will be a much appreciated gift. 

Wooden Pen

Pen with name engraved

 5) Passport Holder/Cover - $9.90

Everyone loves to travel and have that much-needed holiday. A break from our usual work routine. Really, who wouldn't like to travel? Perhaps, that's why we really like to own these customised passport cover. It brings a delightful thought to our next dream trip.

At a amazing price of $9.90 each, this Passport Holder with customized name print will sure be a personal favourite of your travel buddies or loved ones. Oh wait, you could even get one for yourself too. :)

Available in 5 cover colours, and a number of cool designs to go along with the name customization, click here to see: Personalised Passport Holder

6) Denim Pouch - $18.90

This large sized Denim Pouch that can hold a lot of stationary or cosmetics. Handmade in-house specially by us, this versatile pouch is a useful and elegant gift that your loved ones can carry around daily to organise their little stuff.

There are many designs for you to choose to print on such as this Happy Birthday design :

Denim pouch with happy birthday design

Or be minimalist and simply print their name on it:

Personalised denim pouch

7) Pencil holder ($13.90) 

This customized pencil holder is designed and crafted by us, and is really something special for your loved ones. It brightens up their study table or work desk instantly.

Pen holder

There are different designs and colors for you to choose to print on the cover.

Pencil Holder


8) T-Shirt - $24.90Polo Shirt - $29.90 

Whether its a amazing monogram or quotes that brings cheer, these T-Shirts and Polo Shirts will look cool and charming on the wearer. The shirts are available in black and white color and sizes ranges from XXS to XXL. 

Custom embroidery is done by our experienced in house embroidery artisans. Chat with us and let us know what you have in mind for your own designs.

Polo shirt


Personalised T-Shirt printing


 9) Apron - $36.90

If he or she likes to cook/bake, this customized apron with their name and "title" embroidered on will be fantastic. A hot popular gift for him or her who spends time in the kitchen whipping out delicious dishes.

Maroon Apron

We have colors such as maroon, black and white for you to choose from. Get that Master Chef a apron now! In the kitchen collection, we have more related items to complement for the birthday lady or gentleman.

Black apron with personalisation


Personalised embroidery chef apron

10) Teddy Bear - $32.90 / Photo Teddy Bear - $34.90

This super adorable Teddy Bear will absolutely enchant young children or adults alike. We have many different designs choices printed on our in-house hand made shirt to go along with the custom name print.

Soft toys such as this never go out of season, and is a great reason for the recipient to smile each time they look at it! You can literally choose whatever you want to print on it.

Teddy Bear

Personalised Teddy Bear

Personalised Photo Teddy Bear


Each of our gift items is distinctively and carefully personalised in-house by our experienced artisans. For more than 10 years, we have help many givers make a gift of love from the heart. Whether its an embroidery, printing or engraving work, you can be assured of 100% satisfaction of our quality and service. 

No two items is really the same at our shop, because we handcraft the design specially according to your specifications.

Shop now for towels >> Towel Collection with name embroidery or shop other collections that you may like.

We understand the pain of waiting. So for most embroidery or printing work on the recommended gifts above, we seek to serve you by doing our best to finish within 1 working day. Especially if you need the gift urgently, you can have it sooner than you would imagine. 

If you need to take a look at our products, you can head over to our retail shop. Our shop is located at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903. Its conveniently located next to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Do contact us through email, phone call/text or Facebook messenger if you have any queries. Read more about us here. Thank you!


Some of our customer's reviews:

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Thank you!

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