Top 5 Gifts that Christians will like!

Top 5 Gifts that Christians will like!

Are you looking for a Christian themed gift for your church mates or loved ones? Whether its for occasions such as Easter, Christmas, baptism, wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, or just a gift to bless your church mates, we have 5 interesting gift ideas to recommend to you. 

In fact, we have done many such gifts that are personalized for the purpose, and in this post we want to show you some top ideas with designs that are really nice in store:

1) Sofa Cushion

One of our best selling gift items, you probably won't go wrong with this nice huggable customized piece. Beautifully embroidered by our experienced and thoughtful in-house artisans, this is one-of-a-kind unique gift for your loved ones.

In this example, the embroidery design chosen was E11 code, we simply change it up a bit and fit according to your requirements. Yes, we can be flexible as long as the designs fits into the size. There will not be enough space for you to input in the fields. So you have to indicate for us in the "notes" for the extra wordings. You can also email me at after you make your purchase to tell me you want something similar.

There are still many other designs to choose from. in any case, we are sure your friend will love this.

Cushion with customized baptism message

2) Teddy Bear

This is adorable isn't it? The teddy bear with a customized tee-shirt design and message printed on it. We have other tee-shirt colors to choose from too. 

This following design is H-5 of the design code in the teddy bear page. Yes you can have any names or nick print on it.

Teddy Bear

3) Bath towels 

Our bath towels are made of 100% cotton and absorbs water well. It is a practical everyday gift, and a popular choice as we can also customize embroidery designs, message and name on it.

The following is the E11 design and yes, as you can see, we can do chinese name on it. 

Personalized blue Towel with name embroidery

If you prefer to have your own design and want to do something simple, take a look at what one of our customer did:

Personalized white towel with name embroidery for baptism gift

If you have a personal design that you have, do a mock up and send us and we will advise you from there. Please note if you have a picture or logo, there will be a one-time extra conversions fees involved. It might range between $10-$30 depending on its complicity.

For the above designs, there is no extra charges, as its just wordings within the printable area.

4) Denim Pouch

This zipper denim material pouch can be used as a pencil case or a cosmetics pouch. Its large sized, practical gift and well-loved by our customers. We do a single solid color print on it.

The following is H2 design with gold print, and will be appropriate as a gift for your Christian friends.

Personalized Zipper Pouch with name printing

5) Kids Bag or pencil cases

If you are getting something for the kids, other than the above, you can this bag or the zipper pencil case. Since they still go to school, these are suitable and useful for them. They will proudly carry this around.

Kids bag with personalized embroidery

Zipper Pencil Case

We hope you like our recommendation. Beside this, we also think that gifts such as Christian books are great add-ons, that is if they like to read. 

Thanks for dropping by our store and do leave us a comment on what you think of this. Cheers!

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