Personalised Teacher's Day Gifts

Personalised Teacher's Day Gifts

Looking for a gift for the teachers?

These personalised gifts will make them feel appreciated as each piece is specially customized for them.

In this post, we will recommend 7 practical, useful and really nice presents for your teachers, coaches or mentors in your life. Whether its to buy for that one great teacher of yours or sharing with your classmates for a group of teachers. There will be something that suits your budget here.

1) Sofa Embroidery Cushion ($32.90) / Photo Cushion ($34.90)

After a day of hardwork, your teacher can come home to rest of the sofa and hug this sofa cushion that you have custom made. 

If you like any of the designs below, you can just enter "Best Teacher" or "Champion Teacher in the design code field of our cushion page. We will confirm with you the design after your order.


There are other colors for you to choose from and its washable too.

Sofa cushion

2) Denim Pouch - $18.90

This large sized Denim Pouch that can hold a lot of stationary or cosmetics. Handmade in-house specially by us, this versatile pouch is a useful and elegant gift that your teachers to carry their little stuff around. You can print design and name like the ones below.

Denim Pouch

These 2 are C-14 and C-13 designs respectively in our design code file at the denim pouch page.

Pouch with print

3) Pencil holder ($13.90) 

This customized pencil holder is designed and crafted by us, and is really something special for your teachers to hold their stationary. It brightens up their study table or work desk instantly.

Pencil holder with custom printing

3 pencil holder

4) Personalised Towels

Towels are practical and useful items that they will be happy to receive especially with their name custom embroider on.

Below is a bath towel size. If you like the design below, just enter Greatest teacher at the design code field at the bath towel page. We will confirm the design with you after your order.

Bath Towel.

 If you have a number of teachers that you like to give to, you can consider this handtowels. At $13.90 each, its maybe ideal for your pockets. 

Hand Towel

5) Desktop nameplate - $46.90

This nameplate can be placed at your teacher's desktop or study table. Proudly telling the world who they are. Some samples of what you can possibly custom engraved on:

Desktop name plate

Name plate

6) Executive Pen -  $36.90

This laser engraved wooden pen will make your teachers or mentors love it with their name on it. This is useful and will be a much appreciated gift. 

Executive Pen

7) Teddy Bear - $32.90 / Photo Teddy Bear - $34.90

This super adorable Teddy Bear will absolutely enchant your teachers. Take a look at some ideas of what you can print on the shirts.

Soft toys such as this never go out of season, and is a great reason for the recipient to smile each time they look at it! You can literally choose whatever you want to print on it, including your class photos or wefies :)

Teddy Bear

Teddy bear with photo print


Imagine the joy on their face when they received this from you, they would know that you have put in special thought in getting this gift for them.

We all have that teacher in our life whom we really want to appreciate greatly for their care and love for us. So make this year's celebration an amazing one for them!

Most items are done within 1-2 days with no minimums.

We are located at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road, Singapore. Its conveniently located next to Tanjong Pagar MRT. 

Thank you!

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