Personalised Teachers' Day Gifts in Singapore

Personalised Teachers' Day Gifts in Singapore

Looking for Gifts for Your Teachers?

We all have teachers or mentors in our life that we can be thankful for. They have spend the year guiding you in your studies and personal development. Let's take the time to show our appreciation and celebrate their work.

These personalized gifts will make them feel appreciated as each piece is specially customized for them. 

In this post, we will recommend 8 practical, useful and really nice presents for the teachers, coaches or mentors in your life. Whether you're getting for that one great teacher or sharing with your classmates for a group of teachers, there'll be something that suits your budget here.

1) Pen holder ($13.90) 

One of our bestseller for the occasion, this customized pen holder is designed and crafted by us in-house. This is really something special for your teachers to hold their stationery.

It will brighten up their study tables or work desks instantly. Its like having a trophy on their table!

Basically, you can print any name and text on it. We have templates designs for you to choose from. Definitely, a unique gift to give to the teachers this year.

Pen holder with teacher's day prints

Pen holder with prints 


2) Book Band Pencil Case ($12.90)

Check out this Book Band Pencil case or pouch that you can print a personalized name on it. This is a beautiful pencil case that anyone will be proud to carry around.

3) Denim Pouch - $18.90

This large size Denim Pouch can hold a lot of stationery or cosmetics. Handmade in-house specially by us, this versatile pouch is an useful and elegant gift for your teachers to carry their little stuff around.

You can print designs and names like the ones below.

Customised Teachers' Day Denim Pouch

These two are C-14 and C-13 designs respectively in our design code file at the denim pouch page.

Personalised Pouch with Print

Personalised Denim Pencil Case

Personalised Denim Pencil Case

Personalised Denim Pencil Case 


 4) Sofa Embroidery Cushion ($32.90) / Photo Cushion ($34.90)

After a day's hard work, your teacher can come home to rest on his/ her sofa and hug this sofa cushion that you have custom made. 

If you like any of the designs below, you can just enter "Best Teacher" or "Champion Teacher" in the design code field of our cushion page. We will confirm with you the design after your order.

Personalised Teacher's Day Cushion

There are other colors for you to choose from and the cushion cover is washable too.

Black cushion

5) Personalised Towels 

Towels are practical and useful items that they will be happy to receive especially when their names are custom-embroidered on them.

Below is a bath towel size at $32.90 each.

If you like the design below, just enter Greatest teacher at the design code field at the bath towel page. We will confirm the design with you after your order.

Teacher's Day Embroidery Towel.

Personalised Teacher's Day Embroidery Towel Gift

If you have a number of teachers whom you like to give to, you can consider these handtowels. At $13.90- each, they may be ideal for your budget.

Personalised Hand Towels with Names

Personalised Embroidery Towel

Add $2 to get an extra line below name for the handtowel.

Personalised Embroidery Towel Teacher's Day gift

6) Passport Covers - $9.90

These beautiful passport cases will delight your teachers as they look forward to their upcoming year end holiday break. Print them on it and let them know how unique they are!


7) Zippy Pencil Case -  $12.90

This Zippy Pouch can be used as a pencil case or makeup pouch for your teachers. Its uniquely make of one single zip, meaning you can have fun and unzipped, and zip it up.

Durable and lasting, it will be a favourite pouch for your teachers. 

Zippy Pouch with name embroidery

Personalised Pencil Case

Zippy Pencil Cases 

8) Luggage tag - $12.90

This luggage tags are printed on both side with the name of the recipients. A gift that they can tag their luggage or bags with.

A useful item that helps to easily identify their luggage on their conveyor belt.

Luggage tag with prints

 Luggage tags with prints of name

9) Teddy Bear - $32.90 / Photo Teddy Bear - $34.90

These super adorable Teddy Bears will absolutely enchant your teachers. Take a look at some ideas of what you can print on the shirts.

Soft toys such as these never go out of season, and are great reasons for the recipients to smile each time they look at them!

You can literally choose whatever you want to print on them, including your class photos or wefies :)

Teddy Bear in blue shirt

Personalised  Teacher Day Teddy Bear

If you have a photo, you can print on the bear shirt as well, like what you see here: 

Teacher's day bear

Imagine the joy on your teachers' faces when they receive these personalised gifts from you. They would know that you have put in special thoughts for them.

We all have that teacher in our life whom we really want to appreciate greatly for their care and love for us. So make this year's celebration an amazing one for them!

Most items can be done within 1 to 2 days with no minimum quantity per order. For bulk order, it will take more days. Please order early to avoid disappointment, we have started accepting orders for Teacher's day this year.

You may order online or personally at our shop which is centrally located at the International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road Singapore 079903. It is conveniently situated next to the Tanjong Pagar MRT station (take Exit C). 

If you need delivery, it will cost $7 to deliver to your door-step via courier. Please indicate at check-out.

Thank you and we hereby like to wish all Teachers a Happy Teachers' Day!

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  • Sally - September 01, 2019

    Gift ( Denim pouch or sling pouch) for special thanks to teacher

  • Michelle Seow - August 26, 2019

    if I would like to order the customised Teachers day pencil holder, book band pencil case or pouch, will it be on time for Teachers day?
    When is the latest date we should order?
    Please advise. Thank you.

  • Noor - August 25, 2019

    How long it takes to be ready? Can it be ready b4 5 September

  • Carrine - August 25, 2019

    If we order these few days, will it be on time for teacher’s day?

  • Sarah - August 22, 2019

    Hi… do u have those white stationary a pencil case(cloth type) for teacher’s day gifts?

  • Margaret - August 08, 2019

    Enquiring on embroidery of hand towels for teachers day. Do u do embroidery only need if yes what is cost to put the name on hand towel ? Only have 3 towels …how long will it take ? Tks

  • Jonathan - July 04, 2019

    Dear readers, should you have a query, please whats-app us 92715622, or email us at Thank you! There are more products in-store here:

  • reen - August 22, 2018

    any tote bag? individual name stickers? hiw long will be the pencil case ready?

  • Lily - August 18, 2018

    Hi, can it be printed in Korean letters instead of English or Chinese?

  • Celia - August 18, 2017

    Hi, do you do personalised canvas tote bags for Teachers Day?

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