Personalised Gift Ideas for Women in Singapore

Personalised Gift Ideas for Women in Singapore

Gifts for Women

Looking for a gift for your girlfriend, wife, sister or mum? Sometimes, we are at a lost of what's the next gift idea to get for our loved ones. Something that will surprise her and also brings value. 

Not to worry, we are here to help you. We understand that everyone loves to feel special, because deep inside we know that we are all different and we desired to be valued. We realised that thus its important giving something personalised to the recipient will bring out that uniqueness.

Its telling her that " You are special to me".

In this post, we like to recommend you some interesting and customized gift ideas that tell her how unique she is to you.

1. Sofa Cushion - $32.90

Many people likes to hug a cushion while resting on the sofa. With these sofa cushions that are personalized via name embroidery, she will feel your cherishing love for her.

There are many embroidery designs for you to choose from the Cushion page. Take a look, we usually have a design above the name: 

Beige Cushion


 Pink Cushion

You can add one line of text below the name, like this one:

Princess Cushion

We also can print photos on the cushion as well. Look through your photo album and see if there is a nice, memorable picture to print on.

 2. Aprons - $38.90

If she likes to cook or bake, an apron will be ideal gift. Find a design and print her name with it.

It will be something that she will always wear eagerly whenever she has to be in the kitchen preparing food.

Take a look at our designs at our apron page.


Personalised Apron with name embroidery


Maroon Red Apron


 3Bath Towel - $32.90

As an everyday item, bath towel is a popular and useful gift that she will love. Our embroidery artisans will thoughtfully embroider the design of your choice onto the towel. It makes a special and unique gift that no one else has, except her.

There are many design templates for you to choose from.

Below are some samples of what our customers has ordered before. 

Personalised Green Bath Towel with name

Princess design on towel

 Our towels are made of 100% cotton and absorbs water very well.  

4. Geometric Pouch : $19.90

This unique geometric pouch is tagged with a hand strap. You can embroider her name on the strap.

It can be used as a cosmetic pouch, or put some of small little everyday stuff inside.

Comes in 2 color: Pink and Silver.



Pink pouch


5. Notebook : $13.90

Customized this notebook with a print of her name Useful to pen down and organize thoughts daily.

She will carry it around with her daily to remind her of your love for her. There are other colors to choose from.

Note book

6. Denim Pouch : $18.90

This big stationary pouch can also be used to store much of her make-up. Made of denim, its durable and can last for many years of usage.

There are many print designs template for you to choose from to be print it on.


Denim Pouch

Denim Pouch

 7. Lanyard Card Holder - $13.90

Get a lanyard card holder for her to carry her office ID card or travel card. You can customized a print of her name on it. 

They are available in black, blue and pink color.

Pink Lanyard with name print


We hope you like our recommendation of gifts. Its not always easy to find a suitable gift. We believer having them customized will make it more beautiful and special, just like the recipient is to you.

Our retail store is at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road, Singapore. Do feel free to drop by our store, if you need to feel and touch the physical products. 

Or else you can simply order it here for your convenience. 


Some of our Customer's reviews:

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