Top 6 Mother's Day gift ideas - Personalized with love

Top 6 Mother's Day gift ideas - Personalized with love

Are you looking for gift ideas for your wonderful mummy for the upcoming Mother's day or birthday celebration?

We understand that every time this year, it can be quite a test on our creativity on what to get for her. They will always tell us not to waste money. But how can right? 

We should take the occasion to honor her and appreciate her. Letting her know how much we valued her in our hearts.

She will certainly be deeply touched by your thoughtful gestures of gratitude for her.

We put together 6 top gift ideas for your mum who absolutely deserves a prezzie for all the care she has for you.

Top 6 Gift Ideas for your Mum:

1) Bath Towel -$32.90

Yes, this bath towel is a practical gift that your mum can use daily.

All our items in store can be personalized. There are many embroidery designs you can choose from and you can write her name too.

Yellow Towel with name embroidery

 The above design is E-133.

Go to Towel product page, look under PDF file link, General designs.

There are many designs for you to choose from.

Mom an Dad Towel

We have added a new series of embroidery design specially for Mother's Day.

Below are some sample.  These design can be embroidered on towels, cushions and aprons. 


2) Sofa Cushion - $32.90

This sofa cushion is nice to hug and beautifully showcase to the world the love for your mum.

It comes available in single solid colour such as pink, red, beige, blue and black color.

Cushion cover is removable and washable. There are many embroidery designs for you to choose from that might match the likings of you mum.

Cushion for Best Mom

For the above design, go to cushion product page.

Click on the PDF link for : Mom/Dad Design:

There are many mom related designs for you to choose from 


Personalised embroidery cushion

Embroidery Cushion

Best Mother's Day Gift - Embroidery Cushion

Next, we have a collection of faux fur animal print cushion which might delight her.

personalised animal fur cushion embroidery

There is also another option to have photo printing on the cushion too. Time to look at through your phone photo gallery for family photos, selfies, etc.

Do find a good resolution one for a good printout. 

Beige cushion with photo print

3) Apron - $36.90

If your mum has to cook or bake in the kitchen, this apron will be very useful for her.

Available in 4 colors Black, white, maroon and red. 

We can customize her name / text along with the chosen design. Take a look at some design ideas here :

Embroidery Apron for mommy


Personalised Chef Apron

Another type of apron we have is the denim apron:

Embroidery Denim Apron

4) Wooden ladle and flipper set - $26.90

This wooden set is nicely customized with the name of your mum via engraving.

It will a handy cooking tool useful for preparation of food. 

Personalised ladle sets

5) Denim Pouch - $18.90

This denim pouch can act as a cosmetic pouch or a handy pouch for her to put her everyday small things.

There are many print designs for you to select to go along with the text you have in mind.

This design code is C-4 that expresses your love for your mum. 

Denim pencil case with customized print

Denim Pouch

Personalied pencil case

So many designs, we are sure you can find one that she will like. Check out the denim pouch .

Personalised denim pouch

God Bless theme pencil cases

6) Teddy Bear - $32.90

If your mum likes soft toy, you won't go wrong with this adorable teddy bear.

What's more, it can be custom print with her name on it. Whether its for her birthday or to celebrate Mother's Day, you can change the text accordingly.

Likewise, there are a good number of design for you to select.

personalised Teddy Bear with pink shirt printing on

Personalised Teddy Bear

5 Languages of Love

Giving gifts is only one of the the 5 languages of love, namely :

i) Physical touch, - eg give your mum a big beary hug.

ii) Words of Affirmation, eg. tell her how much you appreciate her for helping you.

iii) Quality time, eg. spending time talking to her.

Iv) Acts of Services, eg. helping her to do household chores.

v) Gifts, eg. get her something that will be useful or that she enjoys.

Other than giving presents, go ahead and express your love in a wholesome way for your mum. She deserves it surely.

Fast turnaround

Most items recommended here can be customized in a day or two upon your order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. Our shop is located at International Plaza, #02-02 next to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

May you have a delightful celebration with your mum and family!

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(Updated 16 March 2020)

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