Personalised Father's Day gifts that he will appreciate | Singapore

Personalised Father's Day gifts that he will appreciate | Singapore

Yes, Father's day is coming, on the 3rd Sunday of June each year. How will you be celebrating this important occasion with him? Will you be bringing him for a meal and getting a gift for him?

I fondly remember when I was young, I always forward to my dad buying back evening snacks for the family. My favourite comfort food in Singapore were Rojak and chicken wings. Yummy!

Fast forward to today, its now the other way round, when I will buy back satay and stingrays for him and mum to nibble on. Very frequently, having a meal allows the family to gather together to have a quality time of conversations.

For me, he is more than happy to just have us home. Whenever I thought of getting a gift for him, I would usually get a shirt, watch, wallet or some collectibles that I got overseas that I know he will like.

What about you? What does your dad likes? Sometimes, its easy to run out of ideas. Fret not, I am here to help.

After making personalised gifts for many rounds of Father's day now, I have seen many creative ideas. In this post, I thought I share some with you.

1) Sofa Cushion ($32.90) 

When your daddy comes home from a day of work or leisure, he will rest on the sofa. We think he will love to hug this cushion, knowing that this is specially made for him in mind from you. 

We have 5 cover colors for you to choose from, and the cover can be removed for washing. There are many embroidery designs for you to choose from also.

Select one that he will like from our embroidery catalog of designs at the product page.

Beige Cushion with Greatest Dad embroidery for Father's Day celebration

Hero Dad cushion
We love you daddy cushion

Faux Fur Cushion ($34.90) 

This faux animal fur cushion will also add a exotic feel to the home and decor of the house. 

Personalised faux fur cushion with make head design


2) Bath Towels ($32.90) (out of stock)

An everyday item, towel is a practical item that your daddy will appreciate.

Personalised name and well-wishing text can be embroidered on to the towel for the occasion. 

Visit our Towel Collection Page to see various size of towels available.
Personalised embroidery towel with greatest dad design
Light blue towel
Light blue towel with Best daddy ever words
Blue towel
Personalised embroidery towel for dad


There are many in-house embroidery designs for you to choose from. You can choose to edit the text, add name of your dad on it, etc. Take a look:

Catalogue Design for father's gift



3) Apron - $38.90

If you dad cooks or bake, getting this apron for him is an ideal gift. 

We have it available in different colors and design template for you to choose from.

A couple of ideas below:

Black Apron

Maroon Apron


All the items you see in this post can be embroidered or engraved with the name of the recipient. 

There are many more items in store which we think are suitable personalised gifts for your dad. Do look around.

If you need to take a look at our products, you can head over to our retail shop.

Our shop is located at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903. Its conveniently located next to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

We have been customising gifts for more than 10 years in Singapore. Trust us to do a quality work for you.

Do contact us through email, phone call/text or Facebook messenger if you have any queries.

Hope you like the gifts that we presented here, we believe your dad will appreciate your thoughtfulness and be delighted to receive this customised gifts from you.

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